About our grooming process:

Wag offers professional, full-service grooming in a low-stress environment. We don't have kennels, so your pets stay right with us the whole time. We'll start your pet at his/her appointment time and call you as they're finishing up, so neither of you have to wait all day. We don't charge additional express fees to make your dog our sole focus and priority. Our groomers are experienced animal-lovers, who will treat your pet with compassion and expertise. We work with all breeds of dogs and offer cat grooming as well. We're sure you'll see the difference in our quality and care! Please call to book appointments, as each time slot is catered to your pet's individual needs. 

Pricing guidelines:

Our pricing listed below reflects base prices/ranges. To be as fair as possible, each pet is individually priced based on several factors including, but not limited to:

-size of pet

-temperament/behavior during groom

-if extra assistance from another staff member is required during the groom

-coat length, type and condition

-type of haircut desired

We can give you a price quote range, but it will not be guaranteed until the groom is complete. We are happy to work with you to create the right grooming schedule for you and your pet!

Small dogs often include breeds like shih tzu, maltese, toy poodle, yorkie

Medium dogs often include breeds like cocker spaniel, corgi, sheltie

Large dogs often include breeds like golden retriever, labrador retriever, standard poodle, husky

Extra large dogs often include breeds like Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernard

**Some dogs of the same breed can range in size and build, so sizing is based on individual pets. Breeds listed are for typical examples. Mixed breeds/doodles can vary greatly in size and build, so please ask us for a custom quote range.

Full-Service Grooming Base Pricing

Includes: bath, brush, nail grind, ear clean & custom haircut

Prices starting at:

Small Dog: $60-80+

Medium Dog: $80-120+

Large Dog: $100-160+

XL Dog: $120-180+

Bath Package Base Pricing

Includes: bath, brush, nail grind, ear clean

Prices starting at:

Small Dog: $40+ shorthair/$45+ longhair/double coat

Medium Dog : $50+ shorthair/$60+ longhair/double coat

Large Dog: $60+ shorthair/$70+ longhair/double coat

XL Dog: $70+ shorthair/$80+ longhair/double coat

Grooming Add-ons/A La Carte Options

Nail Trim: $15

Nail Grind: $20

For a smoother finish to the nail

Toothbrush: $15 or $7.50 upgrade with grooming package 

Enzymatic tooth gel brushed on and you can even keep the toothbrush

Ear Cleaning: $10

Blueberry Facial Scrub: $12 upgrade with grooming package

Helps gently rid of brown staining on eyes/muzzle/face with natural, tear-free ingredients like blueberry, vanilla, coconut, white tea and ginger

De-shed w Furminator Conditioner: Sm: $16 / Med: $18 / Lg: $20 / XL: $22 *

*Only available with groom package

Helps reduce excessive shedding by releasing the undercoat during bath time. Formulated with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, chamomile extract and aloe vera

Itchy Dog Package: Sm: $16 / Med: $18 / Lg: $20 / XL: $22

Upgrade to Skout's Honor probiotic shampoo, ear cleaner and paw balm which delivers active probiotics onto your pet's skin, helping to fight against dry skin, bacteria and yeast or skin affected by allergies for several weeks after your pet's groom

Pet-safe Color: ask for a quote

Cat Specific Services

Scrub n Fluff Bath: $50+

Includes: waterless bath, brush, nail trim & ear clean (sanitary shave upon request)

Full Service Groom: $115+

Includes: waterless bath, brush, nail trim, ear clean & lion trim

Nail Cap Application (front paws only): $20

Nail Cap Application (All 4 paws): $35

***Please note that in order for Wag to stay low-stress and one-on-one, we require:

-Owners to drop off and pick up their pets promptly. We are kennel-free, so we have no extra space to safely house your pets outside of their booked grooming times. Our groomers will give you a time estimate and a 30-minute heads up call, so you'll know when you're pet is ready to pick up.

-Owners picking up late or dropping off early may be subject to a $10/30 mins late/early fee in addition to the price of the groom.

-Wag requires a 24-hour notice for appointment changes/cancellations. We must enforce this rule as we book pets individually and need time to fill the space we've held specifically for your pet.

-Owners will be subject to paying for your booked grooming service in full if you fail to provide 24-hour notice more than one time.

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