Wag offers professional, full-service grooming services in a low-stress environment. We don't have kennels, so your pets stay right with us the whole time. We'll start your pet at his/her appointment time and call you as they're finishing up, so neither of you have to wait all day. Our groomers are experienced animal-lovers, who will treat your pet with compassion and expertise. We have experience with all breeds of dogs and offer cat grooming as well. We're sure you'll see the difference in our quality and care! Please call to book appointments, as each time slot is catered to your pet's individual needs. Take a peek at some pets we've groomed in the gallery below!

***Please note that in order for Wag to stay low-stress and one-on-one, we require that owners drop off and pick up their pets promptly. We are kennel-free, so we have no extra space to safely house your pets outside of their booked grooming times. Our groomers will give you a heads up call, so you'll know when you're pet is ready to pick up. Owners picking up late or dropping off early may be subject to a $10/30 mins late/early fee in addition to the price of the groom. Thank you for your understanding!***

Dog Sizes/Weight Categories

Small Dog: up to 24lbs

Medium Dog: 25-50lbs

Large Dog: 51-75lbs

XL Dog: 76+ lbs

Full-Service Grooming

Includes: bath, brush, nail trim, ear clean & custom haircut

Prices starting at:

Small Dog (up to 1.5 hours): $45

Medium Dog (up to 2.5 hours): $65

Large Dog (up to 3 hours): $75

XL Dog (up to 3.5 hours): $85

Bath Package

Includes: bath, brush, nail trim, ear clean

Prices starting at:

Small Dog (up to 30 mins): $30

Medium Dog (up to 1 hour): $40

Large Dog (up to 1.5 hours): $50

XL Dog (up to 2 hours): $60

*** Additional time may incur added fees. Prices above are base prices. Extra time may be due to de-matting, long/thick coats, specialty haircuts, etc. 

Custom upgrades & Walk-in Services

Nail Trim: $10

Nail Grind: $14 or $2 upgrade with grooming package

Toothbrush: $10 or $5 upgrade with grooming package 

Ear Cleaning: $10

Blueberry Facial Scrub: $10

Coconut Oil Treatment: Sm: $14 / Med: $16 / Lg: $18 / XL: $20 *Only available with groom package

Calming Aromatherapy: $10 for 30 mins

Pet-safe Color: ask for a quote

Cat Specific Services

Scrub n Fluff Bath (up to 30 mins): $45

Includes: waterless bath, brush, nail trim & ear clean

Full Service Groom (up to 1.5 hours): $85

Includes: waterless bath, brush, nail trim, ear clean & custom haircut

Nail Cap Application (front paws only): $15

Nail Cap Application (All 4 paws): $25

***Add $10 per additional 30 minutes spent over each allotted time. Additional time may be due to de-matting, long/thick coats, difficult temperament, etc.

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